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Thread: Microsoft Office 2013 Preview

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    Microsoft Office 2013 Preview

    Microsoft released Office 2003 Consumer Preview for Public testing. You can download and test the same from Microsoft's official website. Office 2013 is designed to give more better output based on cloud support. This is somewhat new to users who are working on older version of Office. As time goes on Microsoft improved Office suite to more extent giving the consumers best option under pack of productivity tools. Office 2013 is new face of Microsoft Office. This short preview will explain what it has and what it is going to give. Is upgrade worth or not. As we had seen drastic change in Windows when Windows 8 was out. Designed for Touch interface Windows 8 is unique, but yet complicated for many to get use to. It looks Microsoft is going to create a single platform for each device in market. You can find a common type of interface on your phone, tablet or laptop. Office 2013 has some of the similar features. Enhanced menu, cloud support, Video embedding options, etc are some the glimpses that I saw while testing it. This version will not work on Windows XP. If still you are using it, you are far away from upgrade. So in short Office 2013 is made for Windows 8. Leaving Windows 8 aside lets discuss Office 2013 new features. This new version has a more clear interface. There are ample of new options integrated in the ribbon. the suite fits for may productivity news and now with web support you can simply work anywhere you want. Office 2013 has nice cloud integration. It is simply another Office 365. With some useful features you can handle pdf file in more better way, use better graphics, get a web view of ppt file, and work with important data tool on Excel. Everything is upgraded.

    Compared to Office 2013, Office 2010 had more changes in interface and features. Microsoft has released a earlier version of Office to meet the cloud requirements of people. The metro look will give a distinct look to your documents. This look shows a nice list of files listed on the screen. In this when you open a document you can see list of files rather than thumbnails. While in new version it looks like ebooks listing. Your account picture is listed on the top right with a decent menu on the left side give you needed option. The presentation of Office suite is more improved. The ribbon is bit enhanced with new icons to make it more interactive. There is no major changes here. The graphics are improved. Like more better images, shapes and charts in Excel with added functions. With changes in the interface, Microsoft has tried to give a clear look on your screen. To download Office 2013 you will need Windows LiveID. And the installation will not affect your current Office Product.

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    Re: Microsoft Office 2013 Preview

    It looks there is lot of improvement in office 2013. But those who does has internet support or mostly works offline, can avoid this version. AS there are ample of cloud implementation in it.

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