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Thread: Amazing Spiderman Game on Android for $6.99

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    Amazing Spiderman Game on Android for $6.99

    With Spiderman movie being rebooted and begun from new start, Gameloft has brought out game for Amazing Spiderman which will follow the storyline of the movie. You can play as the Spiderman and live the story of the Spiderman’s movie first hand. Many people must have dreamt of being a superhero and saving innocent people from evil in their childhood. With this game we can wear the costume of Spiderman virtually and swing over New York City to fight crime and save the day. One thing I’d like to tell you in the start is that graphics of this game are really good for an Android game.

    The best part of this game is that it provides you with complete 3D environment which is intelligently developed. The graphics of this game is the life of the game and brings a new experience to gaming. You have to fight your enemies through different parts of New York City to complete 25 missions which need use of your superhero skills and powers. You can jump, run, swing and crawl across the city and to fight the baddies. Also some new skills have been given to Spiderman that will help to fight the villains and increase the excitement level of the game. The fight system in The Amazing Spiderman includes melee and ranged moves. One can use them simply or even create combos to beat the enemies.

    As the game progresses, one will be able to upgrade the skills and the moves of Spiderman to increase their efficiency and effectiveness. One will find the upgrades and power ups spread all over the city that needs to be collected. You will also find boosts in important places which help to clear multiple enemies at a time. This game is not just about missions and the main story. You can also play the side quests that are present in the dark allies of Manhattan. You have to remain alert to fight against evil Lizard and his minions. Wipe out Lizard and ensure city’s safety.

    You will find Amazing Spiderman on Google Play for price of $6.99. But let me tell you, at this price, the game gives you more than expected in form of good graphics, animations and gameplay. I think every gamer and Spidey fan should play this game at least once.

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    Re: Amazing Spiderman Game on Android for $6.99

    I have played this game and it is awesome. We can actually explore the city freely. This game will surely bring a revolution in handheld gaming. I hope more such games are released now that we have understood the power of Android. I have completed the game once and now just web swinging around for fun. Just loved it.

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