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Thread: Tiny Wings HD for iPhone and iPad Released for $2.99

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    Tiny Wings HD for iPhone and iPad Released for $2.99

    Fedup with Angry birds. Here is something new. Tiny Wings is released last year which gained a nice appreciation from many. The developer has just recharged this version with better graphics and hd output. Giving a different look, Tiny Wings HD now has lot more levels and addictive gameplay. The game is based on a small birds who tries to fly up high above. Based on simple concept the game offer hours of gameplay and many more levels for just $2.99. The game offers you crossing ample of levels by jumping above hills with simple tap. The game also features multiplayer support through which you can compete with friends instantly. The valleys offer you boost to jump higher, coins to increase your points, etc. It is based on reaching as far as you can before the night comes. The original concept gives it a very distinct look which is not yet noticed in others. There are ample of chapters and levels that you can go for. It is mostly based on moving and jumping. The bird eats up coin, collects certain upgrades, etc and earn points. There are different islands which gives you different types of difficulty. As it is entirely rebuilt in HD, it has became possible to play the same more comfortably and properly.

    The interface is super easy and comfortable. With new landscape it became easier to keep playing. The game does not bores you much. What you need to manage properly in your landing. That is the most important part considered. The landings has obstacles that can damage your health and kick you out of the game. To slow you down there are is water in between. This can give you more time to adjust your landing. The game is gives you simple output of jump and land. The more higher you jump the higher you land. Along with single mode gameplay you can choose cpu players also. Those will race against you. That is the most interesting part. The game is design very nicely and the environment is eye soothing. As you keep moving you can discover new elements. For iPad the touch and response is cool. I enjoyed the game on HD mode.

    Beautiful hill around with some obstacles while landing does not looks challenging but more fun. As you move when you reach at the upper part of hill you can tap to flap the tiny wings of bird, until you reaches the maximum altitude. The higher you reach the higher you cover the distance and earn points. The speed keeps on rising, making sometime very difficult to get down properly. It is a popular game on iphone and now released for iPad in hd mode. The game deals with multiplayer support. This multiplayer support offers you to play one to one against your friend on iPad. A basic multiplayer support add great benefits to the game. The game is simple but more enjoying. Entire control is based on taping which makes it very useful interface. Every level there are new graphics and environment. The game is divided into three modes which are day trip, flight school and hill party.

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    Re: Tiny Wings HD for iPhone and iPad Released for $2.99

    The game looks good, but it will be not better to expect much from this game. The game can add fun part to your game collection and one to one multplayer support is quiet not expected on such small game.

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