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Thread: Skydrive for Windows is now updated with a new logo

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    Skydrive for Windows is now updated with a new logo

    The Windows client of Skydrive, the online storage service from Microsoft, has just received an update. If it does not bring much in terms of functionality, it however brings a cool software design, as well as a new logo.

    "Most of the changes included in this update are not really visible" Microsoft explains on its blog. The SkyDrive 16.4.6003.0710 update also brings the establishment of a new logo, designed to stick to the best visual identity of Windows 8. "It's refreshed logo is a natural evolution of the work we do at Microsoft to offer a more consistent experience on all our products", explains the firm. In the first case, the image has been greatly simplified in order to recover only two small white clouds. Note that Microsoft also says that it will soon be deployed on other applications (Mac OS, Windows Phone or iOS) as when they are updated, in order to standardize the course together. In addition, the client for Windows SkyDrive now offers a new look, more visual, with time information. To take advantage, just click on the logo of the application on the right side of the taskbar, and a small window then tells you if your files are updated (and how long) or, where applicable, the number and size of remaining data to be transferred.

    Finally, Microsoft states that the performance, reliability and compatibility of SkyDrive have been improved, but without giving further details. Anyway, you have no particular action to perform and this update is automatically downloaded and installed, or else can be also done via visiting this link.

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    Re: Skydrive for Windows is now updated with a new logo

    The previous logo, which was based on the image of a hard drive, surrounded by a gold ribbon was the perfect representation of what they used to offer at for SkyDrive (storage, presentation and some photos and videos), however, with this new logo, i can only see cloud in the go, like if it is going to rain or something?

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