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Thread: Plextor Launches M5S SATA 3 SSD

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    Plextor Launches M5S SATA 3 SSD

    Plextor announced recently that it has completed its range of SSD for a new model called the 'M5S', which in contrary to a reference suggests that, it is an economical version of the existing M3 series SSDs.

    The new M5S series SSD inherits most of the technical characteristics of its predecessor, especially the Marvell 88SS9174 controller that supports Serial ATA at 6-Gbps, but it trades them in 24 nm Toshiba memory type toggle, the best performing Micron memory in 25 nm synchronous type in the market, the second of three major families of flash.

    At the same capacity, performance of M5S are similar to those of M3 and slightly lower than those of M3 Pro, but their warranty is from five to three years, which is higher than most of the hard drives consumer market. The new model comes in three capacities, with the following performance, compared to the M3:

    • 64 GB: 520 and 90 MB/s sequential read and write, 61,000 and 25,000 IOPS random read and write (as against 520 and 175 MB/s, 55,000 and 40,000 IOPS)
    • 128 GB: 520 and 200 MB/s, 71,000 and 51,000 IOPS (against 510 and 210 MB/s, 70,000 and 50,000 IOPS)
    • 256 GB: 520 and 390 MB/s, 73,000 and 70,000 IOPS (against 510 and 360 Mb/s, 70,000 and 65,000 IOPS)

    "Plextor M5S" SSDs 64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB will be commercialized in the United States at respectively $100, $160 and $300.

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    Re: Plextor Launches M5S SATA 3 SSD

    Plextor seems to now equip its forthcoming SSDs with True-speed technology, which provides a long-term performance for manufacturers similar to the flash memory drives that offer long usage. Plextor also wants to launch the program called PlexTool for the M5S SSDs which allows you to analyze your Plextor SSDs and perform firmware updates. It is also designed to prevent a decline in performance for the drive in the long-term operation.

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