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Thread: EA's Upcoming Games will change Mobile Gaming Outlook

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    EA's Upcoming Games will change Mobile Gaming Outlook

    In recent news Electronic Arts concluded that the upcoming games will support cross platform features. EA one of the biggest game publisher who design games for consoles, portable devices and desktop systems. There is certain future prediction by the EA top guys. As per them the upcoming version of game will support multiple devices. That means it does not matter you have or does not have a high end gaming system. You can enjoy your gaming on big screen TVs controlled via your Smartphone. That simply means EA is working hard to bring all this stuff under single roof. Now the matter of doubt is what it can benefit to an end user. Today games are divided into different devices. On desktop and laptops you can enjoy high graphic gaming experience even 3D while on tablet, ultra-portable and mobile phones there are tons of limitation. This limitation not only lies on the hardware level but also on the software level. Cross platform support will need implementation of complex technologies. For example you can enjoy a PS3 game on your tablet screen. Just like your TV or monitor you can hook portable devices to the gaming consoles.

    Yes this is not tried by any other. Wii instead gives a controller type app by which you can control the device. SmartGlass is one good example here. But this is only a controller type app. Screen sharing here is done mostly on bigger screen. EA might come with a new innovation of giving its player an open platform where all can play with its existing device. The game also needs to be optimized in that way. If we compare games just 4 year before from now, we are working on a better hardware today. The same demand keeps on rising. People might wonder how a high end graphic games that run on Intel Core i5 processor with 2GB GPU support will work on a tablet screen. Will the output will same or worst? The answer is screen sharing. What if you can share your gaming consoles or desktop screen with your existing gadget? It does not matter if it is a Smartphone or a tablet pc or an ultraportable laptop. You can share the same screen, but output may differ based on the system hardware. And tablets are far weaker.

    If we discuss on topic of Future Gaming, then there are ample of changes that are needed. Even today the best 3D devices cannot give you actual 3D visual output. They lack somewhere. What has become most common today are high resolution graphics (HD). This is finally landed on everyone’s desk. Also if we are concern about future then there will be lot more devices which are yet to be introduced. This devices can bring a new era of portable gadgets which were ghost in past. Android is one which has contributed a lot to portable category. EA will need to plan something different. EA is trying to bring everything under single roof by merging a desktop game, Smartphone game, tablet game together. How this can help others. This can help you to have easy sharing and compete options.

    You would love to play Fifa with your friends regardless of device they are using. Mostly the future games will comes with integrated cross platform support. This support will let you to sync your gaming console, portable gadgets, etc directly and a create an easy multisession gameplay. This would create the best environment for everyone who loves gaming. But does the quality will match. A game on console is far better if played on a tablet. Yet it is better if you can hook the tablet as controller. That would also be complicated to control if you are playing an fps type game. This game is best controlled via keyboard or gamepad. Imagine for while that you are playing fifa via Tablet controller or Smartphone. There are not gamepads or keyboard. This will take time to get use to. But hope that EA will introduce some special structure which can give better gaming control and quality. Wii has done smartly here. They had integrated the tablet with controller to give you dual benefit. They had also created a special control and navigation structure so that you are not confused with the gameplay. I had seen some low range tablet provides a screen sharing utility. By which you can play game on widescreen. This is far more comfortable. So here your gaming console is not limited to single controller. If EA come up with new innovation you will get change to turn your portable device into to a gaming controller. Also the same is then use to share your records on your favorite social networking website.

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    Re: EA's Upcoming Games will change Mobile Gaming Outlook

    That looks like an idea and I am sure this is going to take quiet long time to came into existence. Till that time you have to use them all separately. I prefer to use a keyboard or game pad. Because going on a tablet or smartphone can make the game more complicated to play.

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