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Thread: Sharkoon Drakonia Gaming Laser Mouse Announced

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    Sharkoon Drakonia Gaming Laser Mouse Announced

    A mouse which is almost covered with dragon scales for thirty euros, a dream come true? This is something that is offered with the Sharkoon Drakonia, a gaming mouse equipped with a laser sensor, 11 buttons and an adjustable weight.

    10 buttons plus the scroll wheel, a AVAGO-ADNS-9500 laser sensor with the resolution setting, on the fly, up to 5000 DPI, acceleration up to 30G, 1.8-meter USB cable and adjustable weight (30 grams) comes under the feature listings of Drakonia launched by Sharkoon.

    First, the Drakonia mouse is far more showy, with brilliant design that is made just like the scales of a dragon. Apart from that, this model does not have the screen that is integrated into the Dark Glider which is a reduced loss, though the Drakonia has an onboard memory of 256 KB for storing up to 5 user profiles also, which is its second difference.

    A material difference which seems to justify alone is the third difference between the two models, namely the price: the Drakonia is indeed announced at a price of 29.90 euros. It will be offered for sale in the coming days, accompanied by its software setting.

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    Re: Sharkoon Drakonia Gaming Laser Mouse Announced

    the mouse wheel of this Drakonia is a quad-directional which is rare enough design to be stressed and the contents of the package will contain Teflon pads parts, the brass weights and a carrying case. Also the three buttons are located on the left side, and they are accessible from the thumb. A fourth sits on the right side of the mouse field. Finally, on top, there is a knurled knob and a button to change the resolution. Know that they are all programmable via the software.

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