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Thread: Dolphin browser is now the Fastest HTML5 mobile browser out with its new Engine

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    Dolphin browser is now the Fastest HTML5 mobile browser out with its new Engine

    Dolphin Browser is one of the most popular browsers available for the Android platform today, and is said to be one of the fastest. In fact, the team behind the app says it has now developed the fastest browser supporting HTML5, which can easily exceed the browser's speed on Android phone.

    With Gestural navigation and voice recognition, the Dolphin browser became known by multiplying the features on IOS and Android. The development team behind the application has just announced the availability of the Dolphin Engine in Beta version, to provide a better experience than before.

    "The Dolphin runtime is an enhanced version of WebKit with wide optimizations for Canvas (note: for the dynamic rendering of 2D and bitmap images) and the underlying technologies that make the most efficient HTML5 browsers today," as it is well explained on the official blog of Dolphin. In addition to improved text display, Dolphin provides support for hardware acceleration (WebGL) to render the canvas which are now based on the GPU.

    With this new engine, Dolphin would be 5 to 10 times faster than the default browser embedded within Android and sometimes twice as fast as Chrome. Several elements are fully supported, including Web Worker for the execution of a script in the background, WebSocket for bidirectional communication for client / server and the audio element. Dolphin also provides access to the camera and supports notifications.

    To download this new Dolphin Beta engine on Android, click here (.apk file).

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    re: Dolphin browser is now the Fastest HTML5 mobile browser out with its new Engine

    They also said that there is no need to download an individual application to your Android phone, as the new Dolphin Browser Beta runs all Web applications quickly, all within your browser. Chrome Beta for Android, until recently, was the fastest browser with relatively good handling pages for HTML5, but considering the fact from the news, it will good to see what comes next.

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