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Thread: Internet Explorer 10 will have Adobe Flash Player Support

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    Internet Explorer 10 will have Adobe Flash Player Support

    Finally the next version of Internet Explorer (10) will be developed to host Flash Player.

    In February, Microsoft had sought to confirm previous remarks by explaining that plugins like Flash Player, Silverlight or Java would not be welcomed in Metro interface of Windows 8. Microsoft says the decision was motivated by the desire to provide a better experience, a more reliable security and longer battery life on mobile devices. Internet users visiting a site with a plugin then invited to open office in the Windows 8 classic for which the restriction was invalid.

    However, in a test version of Windows 8 which was undistributed, some members of some site have noticed that the Adobe Flash Player was directly integrated into Internet Explorer 10 on the interface of Metro. Like the integration of Flash in Chrome, Adobe has worked closely with Microsoft to optimize performance and potential safety problems. Finally, Flash Player is no longer a plugin but is now part of the browser. Microsoft does not need to make an exception to its own software.

    Question is whether the other browser vendors will conduct similar implementations. As previously mentioned, Google has already worked together with Adobe to integrate it with Chrome. What about Firefox and Opera?

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    Re: Internet Explorer 10 will have Adobe Flash Player Support

    It is true that there are no other options, while watching online videos, but to have flash player support in the browsers. However, this is still a rumor and it was integrated in the undistributed version of Windows 8. Lets see, what we will be getting in the final release of windows 8's internet explorer version, with or without flash?

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