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Thread: Archos Announced Arnova 3G Tablet PC

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    Archos Announced Arnova 3G Tablet PC

    The Archos Arnova 10 is one of the budget tablet from Archos. Within this series, there are currently Arnova 7 , Arnova 8 and Arnova 84 released. I am going to post some information about the Arnova 10.


    For a budget tablet of about 200 US dollars, you should not expect high expectations regarding appearance. The tablet looks simple and it is on 'square' from. That does not mean that this tablet is not confirmable in the hand. I found that this tablet in very fine to hold. It is pleasant to work with the Arnova 10.


    I can say that the screen has its advantages and drawbacks, depending on the use. The resolution of this 10-inch tablet is not ordinary. With 1024 by 600 pixels, the Arnova 10 can be called a 'wide-screen tablet. Even though this is a low priced tablet but Arnova 10 has such a high resolution. This allows you to play exceeded expectations videos on this tablet. The tablet is good to hold in landscape mode and you see the wide screen movies, series and other TV programs perfectly. The screen is very bright. All colors are clearly displayed, even the difficult bright and dark colors. The contrast is too great, and easy to configure via the menu.

    There are some major disadvantages of this tablet. The control of the tablet is sometimes referred to as dramatic. It is having resistive screen, which we tested. This sometimes reacts very badly and there is frequently a delay. This is tested with the activities like interaction, such as browsing, interactive games and apps, and editing e-mail and documents. This sometimes becomes very frustrating.


    The specifications of the Archos Arnova 10 have been reasonable if you look at the value for money. This tablet comes with the 512 MB RAM and a 1GHz single-core processor and I think that these are the minimum requirements for a 10-inch Android tablet. You can use this tablet with 4GB and 8 GB of memory. Fortunately there is an SD card slot for easy access of large video files that can be placed on the tablet.

    Unfortunately battery is of poor quality. If you look at the specification then you will find the quality of the battery. This gives video playback up to 4 hours and standard usage to 10 hours. The camera can click simple pictures but with poor quality. But I don’t think that anyone will click photo with 10-inch tablet.


    The Arnova 10 comes with the Android 2.1. This outdated version of Android is not suitable for tablets. Yet you can use it for standard work with this version of Android. Most striking thing is the absence of the Android Market. You will get the Archos has AndroLib app store installed on this tablet. You can download a lot of familiar apps from there but still you will miss the ease of use of the Android Market. The combination of poor management and excessive processor makes heavy and interactive applications not to run fast and are easy to control. For instance, Angry Birds facing delays which leads to ejection of the birds to go wrong.


    We recommend this tablet too but that all depends on the type of use. If you use the tablet primarily to watch videos then the Arnova 10 is a worthy consideration. Therefore we give our strengths and weaknesses per functionality again.

    • Watching Videos
    • E-books
    • Simple apps open and view, without much interaction

    • No Market
    • Browsing the Internet
    • E-mails and send
    • Editing Documents
    • Games and apps use with interaction

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    Re: Archos Announced Arnova 3G Tablet PC

    This is a low range tablet with android support. There is another company which also provides you the same support. Kobian provides a similar low range tablet for Rs. 3,999. Good for budget gadget which offer you Android 2.3 support and 1GHz processor. Compared to Archos Arnova 10 there are many companies who emerged with low range tablets in India.

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