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Thread: Nvidia WHQL-Certified 295.73 GeForce Drivers Released

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    Nvidia WHQL-Certified 295.73 GeForce Drivers Released

    Skyrim fans should appreciate Nvidia for releasing its GeForce 295.73 drivers which has been just posted on their website. Among other improvements, they indeed promise a performance gain ranging "up to 45%" on the latest title in Bethesda.

    After a series of drivers stamped by Nvidia, a new one this week finally released and also with Microsoft certified (WHQL) Forceware. Stamped as 295.73 for GeForce and Quadro cards, there are always opportunities to improve performance and compatibility with the latest PC games. Delivery for this winter, it is clear that the Skyrim from Bethesda takes all benefit, since Nvidia evokes a performance gain of up to 45% from the previous driver! As always when numbers are advertised as important, it is necessary to examine the conditions under which they are obtained: here, the famous "45%" are for example obtained in Ultra detail, during indoors scene, leaving a less dramatic gain in other circumstances (but very real if we are to believe this article, where Nvidia has more details about the case Skyrim).

    Until the release of the game, the demo of Mass Effect 3 benefits its performance revised upwards in the case of SLI configurations, with a maximum gain of 100% according to Nvidia. Note also that the ambient dimming is already mentioned for the future Diablo III, and confirmed for Skyrim or titles like Modern Warfare 3. As always, Nvidia also reports the update or the appearance of 3D Vision and SLI profiles for many games.

    The software component dedicated to PhysX enjoys an update meant to solve compatibility problems sometimes encountered with games like Alice: Madness Returns and Batman: Arkham City. Finally, Nvidia reported the bug fix for corrupt textures in Battlefield 3, which may occur when the Ultra mode is enabled on boarding cards of 1 GB or less of RAM.

    295.73 drivers can be downloaded directly from Nvidia's site, where you can also view the detailed release notes.

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    Re: Nvidia WHQL-Certified 295.73 GeForce Drivers Released

    I tested these new drivers earlier. I had stopped playing altogether due to BF3 textures bug. It is finally done, I have more artefacts with my GTX 560 Ti. 3 months after the release of BF3, I can finally enjoy this game after that when I hear: "I am not at ATI fan, I have no confidence in their crappy drivers" ..
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