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Thread: Nvidia publicly Launches Tegra 3 GPU

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    Nvidia publicly Launches Tegra 3 GPU

    Nvidia formally launched the Tegra 3 quad-core mobile chipset today. It will be the initial quad-core ARM-based chipset come into view in shipping products while it comes to market in the Asus EEE Pad Transformer Prime tablet. Nvidia marked the authorized declaration by releasing a bunch of screenshots and performance information presenting how Tegra 3 enhances Web browsing, battery life, and mainly prominently for Nvidia games.

    "Tegra 3 is concerning five times the performance of Tegra 2,The gaming enhancements are outstanding, and Nvidia spend a lot of time presenting them off. You get additional practicality and additional unique effects on Tegra 3. Much more sensible water simulations, blur effects, smoke, smash ups, textures and dynamic lighting that comes in part from the chipset's new 12-core GPU.

    You can see some of the below mentioned IMAGES with the tegra 3 GPU.

    This does not just influence hard-core gamers' games like Shadowgun, Nvidia's been showing off a informal puzzle game called Sprinkle that uses Tegra 3 to deliver smoke. Tegra 3 can do all of this at advanced screen resolutions, too. When we first saw the chipset in action, it was depicting a game at "1440p," higher than high-definition resolution.

    To support mobile devices to turn out to be main gaming gadgets, Nvidia also added 3D Vision support and the capability to utilize PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii controllers, as long as the games concerned and designed right. The idea is to hook up a Tegra 3-powered tablet to a 3D TV and substitute a home's game console. For non-gamers, Tegra 3 assures Web and video-transcoding performance at least twice as fast as Qualcomm's current dual-core, S3 8660 chipset, one of the fastest we've seen so far. straightforward Websites lean to utilize one core, as complex browsing with Flash make use of two. All four cores come into play whilst gaming and when using several fresh features in Android 4.0, such as face detection.

    In addition, that does not come at the cost of battery life, moreover, according to Nvidia. The Tegra 3 offers a 61% savings in power utilization over the Tegra 2 on video playback, and about a 30 % savings while browsing on internet, again thanks to its "companion core" design.

    Many 1.5 Ghz dual-core devices have newly launched, and whilst they pushed the envelope on performance they had a tradeoff in battery life. Running additional cores at inferior speeds provides better battery performance.

    For inhabitants who haven't been following the frequent drip of Tegra 3 news, this quad-core chipset essentially has five cores. The fifth core works unaccompanied while the phone is doing things that do not necessitate a lot of processing power. Unintuitively, that comprises music and video playback, since additional chips handle those tasks in the system and not the core processors. Though Nvidia is mainly aiming Android with Tegra 3, it will also work with Windows 8 and Chrome Operating System, Nvidia vice president of product marketing Ujesh Desai said. The chipset will come into view in tablets very shortly and in phones throughout early 2012, he said.

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    Re: Nvidia publicly Launches Tegra 3 GPU

    Wow, the thing is quite incredible but still can you please mentioned which are the device which will get this GPU??

    do they have mentioned any such thing, and when this will be available publicly?

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