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Thread: Dell and Baidu Join Forces to make smartphones and tablets in China

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    Dell and Baidu Join Forces to make smartphones and tablets in China

    The American manufacturer, Dell, and leader in search engines in China, Baidu, are planning to work together to jointly develop smartphones and tablets for the Chinese market, as announced by Reuters.

    The goal of this partnership is that, Dell and Baidu to compete with Apple and Lenovo, which dominate the market in the country. Some analysts do not believe much in the future of this project, however: Michael Clendenin, advisors of Redtech, in particular, suspect that Dell says that "I suspect this is just Dell, who has a lot of problems on the mobile and tablet front, grasping at straws to get any kind of publicity that it can to make its product more attractive", not looking at any price to be talked about and hope to publish their products more attractive. The expert, like others, does not see the future of smartphones and tablets in the country by another Apple manufacturer. Sandy Shen, Gartner believes however that, "Dell has got nothing to lose. They don't have a big mobile presence, so by partnering Baidu, they will probably get some momentum for their mobile products".

    Dell said the alliance with Baidu was related to the new platform mobile form of Chinese giant. Let us recall that Baidu is to formalize the launch of its mobile operating system based on Android.

    This partnership is a great way for Dell to integrate in the Chinese market, holding the Baidu search engine, which is used mostly in the country. And China is a market not to be overlooked, as home to over 900 million mobile subscribers a package is a market where growth is fastest in the segment of shelves. Also note that Dell's sales in China grew by 22% in the first quarter and the builder is present through 10,000 outlets in the country. According to the "local media", the first products of this partnership could emerge as early as November, according to Reuters.

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    Re: Dell and Baidu Join Forces to make smartphones and tablets in China

    After announcing its mobile platform Baidu Yi, now the Chinese search engine Baidu partners with Dell to develop a range of mobile phones and tablets for the Middle Kingdom. Dell already launched its first smartphone in 2009 in china and blackberry as well few months later in its own market if one can remember. Dell and Baidu will work first on the shelves and then on the terminals

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