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Thread: Intel Sandy Bridge E: rates leaked?

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    Intel Sandy Bridge E: rates leaked?

    We already know all of the future platform Sandy Bridge E... or almost. The latest information that was missing as is often the price. If Intel did not disclose the price of its future processors by mistake, however, it does not gets very far.

    A source "very reliable", an American colleague, which has proven to be a multitude of leaks did indicate the price of the first three Sandy Bridge E ... that would remain strictly identical to that of their predecessors. It would therefore suffice to open the price list of Intel to see the next generation of high-end processors.

    Intel Core i7 3000 Series succeeding those of the 900 series to the same tariff levels. The i7-3820 and replace the i7-960 at a price of 294 dollars, the i7-3930K-980 for 583 dollars and the 3960X i7-990x that of 999 dollars.

    The Sandy Bridge E, however, would be supplied without fan, reflecting their position as they are for customers who chose a predominantly third cooling system.

    The latest LGA2011 platform, including Sandy Bridge processors and Intel x79 E, is expected for the 2012 CES to be held next January.

    Credit for image: Anandtech

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    Re: Intel Sandy Bridge E: rates leaked?

    Remember that Intel E Sandy Bridge will take place in desktop configurations and targeted at those looking for extreme performance, including the hardcore gamers. Installed in a socket LGA2011 chipset and associated Z79, it will indeed model totally unrestrained. The Core Xeon LGA2011 socket might use the same architecture, the increased rate of production of one is therefore at the expense of another.

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