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Thread: A-Data SH14 rugged USB 3.0 portable drive‎ Introduced

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    A-Data SH14 rugged USB 3.0 portable drive‎ Introduced

    After the USB 3.0, external hard drive manufacturers, A-Data, play the card of the robustness to attract technophiles nomads. A-Data makes it to the building with the SH14 portable drive.

    With dimensions of 122.2 x 82.8 x 19.9 mm and weighing 210 grams, self-powered USB hard drive appears to be ideal for transport. Enclosed with an idea by its silicone shell designed to protect it from shocks.

    Side specifications, A-Data announces transfer speed that can go up to 90 MB per second, and a USB 3.0 interface which is gradually becoming the standard for external drives.

    Available in black or red, SH14 Superior hard drives are available for pre-order for a sale from next month at prices of 59.90 euros for the 500GB version, 71.90 euros for the 750GB version and 92.90 euros for version 1TB.

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    Re: A-Data SH14 rugged USB 3.0 portable drive‎ Introduced

    There is much to say right now is that it does not lack style, as it will complement your campaign, especially if it is red or black, also it will be a great class, especially, even if it may even fall off the sofa, it wont get any problem or any scratch, thanks to its rubber coating. Also, we have the right to USB 3.0 capabilities and offer 500, 750 and 1000 GB at a speed of 5400 rev.

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