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Thread: "Spam King" Sanford Masterwb Wallace arrested again for Hacking Facebook Accounts

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    "Spam King" Sanford Masterwb Wallace arrested again for Hacking Facebook Accounts

    A disreputable spammer well known as “Spam King” has give up himself to the FBI on charges of barraging Facebook users with superfluous posts after breaking the security of 500,000 accounts. He used a fake Facebook account with a name of ‘David Frederix’ for doing such an disreputable activity again.

    Spam King, who first grown dishonor as a spammer in the 1990s and also vanished a social case brought in favor of him by MySpace in 2008, and at that time he was released on $100,000 payment. And recently came to know that he blamed of hacking into 500,000 accounts of the facebook users to collect friend lists among November 2008 and March 2009. He supposedly used the conciliate lists to create extra 27 million unwanted postings on Facebook walls that come into view from friends.

    If victims hit on various links within the messages, they were accessible with a website intended to dupe them into hand over their confidential information such as full name, email address and password. Finally they would be forwarded to connect websites that would supposedly pay Wallace “considerable profits” for making such a huge traffic.

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    Re: "Spam King" Sanford Masterwb Wallace arrested again for Hacking Facebook Accounts

    So guys if you are getting any such messages in your account please avoid them to be opened. As you may lose your own account. And off course we give a round of applause to the efforts of the US Attorney’s agency and the FBI off course to bring spammers to impartiality.

    According to our source Two years ago, Facebook take legal action in opposition to Wallace and a centralized court prearranged him to disburse a $711 million judgment for distributing superfluous messages and wall posts to people by means of facebook. And now Wallace is facing solemn prison time for his unlawful demeanor.

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