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Thread: ZIP files Now supported in Chrome OS

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    ZIP files Now supported in Chrome OS

    Chrome OS gradually develops the features expected of a desktop operating system. The latest example, is the recognition of ZIP files.

    Google seems to be listening to the users of Chrome OS. By posting two days ago a new test version of its software for Chrome OS notebook Cr-48 and Samsung Chromebook 5, it brings the OS a new feature that was previously lacking, that now support ZIP files. After installing this new version of Chrome OS and testing, it is possible to enable this feature, as shown in C. Abogado, by opening the terminal (CTRL + T) then by entering the experimental_storage. For the moment support for ZIP files is experimental but should logically end up being incorporated into future releases that will be the final consumer for the system. Note that this update also allows to solve a problem with the Pandora internet radio and a bug fix where the popup windows to eat properly. There is also an opportunity for updating the Flash component.

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    Re: ZIP files Now supported in Chrome OS

    Cougar Abogado just made ​​an interesting discovery, since using a simple manipulation, in short, it is possible to overcome this limitation. This happens only in the development version, the 0.14.811.15. I was still curious, you never know, so I tested on my Samsung Series 5, I confirm that this is not possible. I did the below handling:

    [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [T] to activate the command prompt (also called "crosh")
    Then type "experimental_storage enable" and then [Enter]
    To exit the command prompt, I must remind you to enter "exit" and again [Enter]

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