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Thread: "Sea Ray", the first Nokia Mobile with Windows Phone 7

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    "Sea Ray", the first Nokia Mobile with Windows Phone 7

    Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia, have recently organized the presentation in any small group, one of the first Windows Phone 7 terminals programmed by the brand. Some images, out of the event despite the instructions given by the manufacturer, point to a terminal whose main lines are close to the N9, that was the smartphone Meego unveiled by Nokia earlier this week.

    What is the best way to make one crazy journalist or a blogger high-tech? Promise him the exclusivity of a novelty, but only after everyone has put his or her camera phone. Stephen Elop might not have had to try to exercise, since the first public appearance of a Nokia with Windows Phone 7 has been immortalized and rapidly distributed online.

    Commenting on the announcement of the N9, Stephen Elop suggests that the design developed for this new phone will have extensions. After requesting confidentiality, he takes out a terminal which is "super confidential": a device physically very close to the N9, but with Windows Phone 7. Nicknamed Sea Ray, it adopted as its counterpart equipped with 8 megapixel sensor Meego, but seems to offer a flat screen, while the N9 has a curved slab. At this stage, no further information was provided. We will probably have to wait for the official availability of the updated Windows Phone 7 "Mango", which would be equipped with the prototype, to hit the market, which brings us around the fall.

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    Re: "Sea Ray", the first Nokia Mobile with Windows Phone 7

    So it will run on the Windows Phone 7 Mango operating system. Where in the heck do they got a name called "Mango" and terming it in the operating system? In any case, I would only opt for a android based mobile phone. Maemo was good but why it was ended by nokia, I dont know why. Meego on the other hand is also good in comparison with WP7.

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