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Thread: DXG-018 3D Pocket Camera Unveiled

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    DXG-018 3D Pocket Camera Unveiled

    The DXG brand has unveiled DXG-018, a camera capable of making shots in 3D, which can then be viewed with a device provided, all for less than 70 dollars.

    The DXG-018 has two sensors that allows photographers to produce images of 1.3 megapixels. Shooting objects in particular is effective from a distance of 15 centimeters. The photographs are stored on an SD card up to 16GB, and it works with two LR6. Important detail, however: the device does not issue under stereoscopic 3D. It is possible to print photos using a standard printer, then insert them into a viewer provided, so you can see the relief effect. The good news, there is no screen or no 3D glasses are required, the disadvantage is that the report is bound to be less dramatic.

    Still, the DXG-018 offers a relieved photography experience at an affordable price and is proposed on the site of DXG at 69.99 dollars, in five different colors. Wealthy people can however turn to the mini-camcorder brand that delivers the true 3D, but for $600.

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    Re: DXG-018 3D Pocket Camera Unveiled

    $70 is the price that you must pay for this digital camera called 3D DXG-018 3D but do not expect exceptional quality, but at that price it has two sensors photo of 1.3 MP, an LCD of 1.44", an SD slot and runs on two AA batteries. It is available in pink, lavendar, green, yellow and orange colors. It will be a fun for children who are very passionate for photography.

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