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Thread: Microsoft updates the mobile version of Bing

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    Microsoft updates the mobile version of Bing

    Via one of its official blogs Microsoft announces an update of its search service for the Bing mobile version.

    Having pushed for more Facebook integration within the traditional publishing within its engine, the development team announced some new variation on the accessibility of the Mobile version called Thus it is now possible to share network images and information from a local request to the community. Paradoxically, this feature is only available on terminals iOS.

    Overseas mobile users will benefit from better ergonomics to read the latest news headlines. Location-based queries can now return on both the map but also a list of shopping around on the same page. The team has also implemented an archive of past queries.

    Besides the integration of Facebook dedicated to iPhone / iPod Touch, these new features are available on Android smartphones and BlackBerry OS 6.0.

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    Re: Microsoft updates the mobile version of Bing

    The News page has been redesigned with a very good system to read articles more easily. But this option is currently restricted to the United States. Another new service assisted navigation of Bing Maps offers an improved display with a shared view showing a map and directions. Microsoft claims to have finally perfected the history search, but again this feature is available across the Atlantic.

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    Re: Microsoft updates the mobile version of Bing

    The new version is available on HTML5 browsers like iOS and Android platforms. The new features include Facebook sharing, News, Maps/ List, and Search History/Trending topics.

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    Re: Microsoft updates the mobile version of Bing

    Ironically, the updates that are rolling out today do not work on the, you guessed it, Windows Phone 7 platform. Why is that? Because you need a browser that can handle HTML5, and until Mango and IE9 mobile land, every WP7 handset in the world is rocking IE7 mobile, which is a kludge of a browser.

    However, the new Bing updates will work on Android, iPhone, and a variety of RIM devices, so the majority of the market will be able to enjoy them. That is of course, if they use Bing on the go. Given the stats that Clicky has provided, it seems that not many people do.

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