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Thread: Mac OS X Lion Coming Next Month in July

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    Mac OS X Lion Coming Next Month in July

    At the annual conference WWDC, for developers, Apple has unveiled more details on Mac OS X Lion.

    Originally introduced in October next to iLife 11 and the new MacBook Air, the Mac operating system OS X Lion marks a major turning point for Apple as it is based on IOS. In total, Apple announces 250 new features for its new system.

    So like the system of the iPod Touch, the iPad or iPhone, we find a new layer called Launchpad showing all the applications installed on the computer in the form of icons uniformed. Launchpad functionality can be activated directly from the launcher.

    Mac OS X Lion also offers new programming interfaces that enable developers to add full-screen mode for their applications. Among the supplied software compatible with Mac OS X include Mail, iCal, iPhoto, Preview or Photobooth. All user activity will be grouped in a feature called Mission Control. Activated with three fingers on the trackpad, it brings together on a unique overview, features, Expose, Dashboard, or Spaces.

    Mac OS X Lion also marks the integration of the new kiosk downloads from Mac App Store. Each new software purchased will be automatically added to Launchpad, then the user is free to arrange the applications as they wish or even create special issues.

    An automatic backup feature is also available for each document. The user will be able to navigate the incremental backups of a file and, like Time Machine can restore a previous version. This document can be shared via airdrop, a new feature built into the file explorer for easy sharing peer-to-peer on a LAN. The Mail Manager email is itself updated and inspired by the eponymous application within IOS. In addition to a component placed on the right side, we find a preview of the message content and a new search engine performance.

    Like Mac OS X Snow Leopard, this new version will be marketed to 29.99 dollars which will be available in the month of July. Note that Lion will be available only through the Mac App Store.

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    Re: Mac OS X Lion Coming Next Month in July

    Apple claims 54 million Mac users worldwide, but especially since the advance of the Mac market surging now more compared to the PC. A growth of 28% against a loss of 1% for the PC. Apple obviously holds capitalize on the aura of iOS which undoubtedly inspired Mac OS X 10.7. AutoSave automatically saves the current working documents, and versions is responsible for registering automatically for the successive versions of documents as they are created. Mail has been redesigned with a new display and Conversations to group messages.

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