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Thread: Asus Eee PC X101 with MeeGO or Windows 7 Announced

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    Asus Eee PC X101 with MeeGO or Windows 7 Announced

    The netbook is still a bright future ahead of it if you believe Asus. At Computex, the Taiwanese manufacturer has just unveiled the X101, a relatively late model whose prices begin at $ 199, in a version equipped Meego, the system supported by Intel.

    Alongside the UX series of ultraportables, Asus has presented a new line of netbook called the X101, at Taipei Computex. Its price is the main promise: the manufacturer indeed speaks of a retail price of $ 199 for this machine which is just 950 grams and 17.6 mm thick!

    If the exact configuration was not specified (only the presence of an Atom processor is confirmed), we know that for this price, the X101 will come equipped with a module of flash memory (SSD) of low capacity, and OS Meego, from a partnership between Intel and Nokia. Asus, however, wishes broad aim with its X101: the latter will be also offered in configurations involving traditional mechanical hard drive and Windows, but the price will be higher in this case - $ 199 to start.

    The chassis offers a relatively limited connectivity with two USB ports and a memory card reader. Although the operating system from Microsoft is optional, we note the presence of a Windows key on the keyboard that overcomes a likely multi-touch pad.

    Four years after launching the first model of the Eee PC, the 701, Asus comes back to its first love with a machine in its configuration, that is more competitive on the price plan, abandoning Windows in favor of Linux. Unlike the Eee PC 701, which was thick and swift particularly, even in 2007, the X101 builds on the achievements of its predecessors, which perhaps portends a commercial success?

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    Re: Asus Eee PC X101 with MeeGO or Windows 7 Announced

    The Eee PC X101 is the latest netbook from Asus society. Its characteristics of being extremely thin, slim shall we say, and pick a SoC Intel Atom Oak Trail (we thought rather for the shelves) with CPU clocked at 1.5GHz and GMA 600 GPU. Its 10" screen can display 1024 by 600 pixels, it has a keyboard type chiclet (gum) as well.

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