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Thread: No more bootloader locking on Android promised by HTC

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    No more bootloader locking on Android promised by HTC

    Thousands of users have applauded the HTC company virtually to implement its policy on its future smartphones.

    Since the release of Android, the Taiwanese manufacturer HTC was one of the first smartphones to make specially designed for it. After being chosen by Google for the Nexus One, the company has increased its models, Hero of the Magic through the Incredible, the Legend, the Tattoo, Desire or Dream.

    However some users have noticed that the latest models had a secure bootloader. In addition, some sections of flash memory for phones did not have write permission even when the locks of the primer system had been bypassed. It became more difficult to install a custom ROM, for example to remove third-party applications pre-installed or to receive updates.

    On the official page of the company's, CEO Peter Chou said he had received several requests from users wishing to access freely to the bootloader. In a brief message Chou says: "I want you to know that we've heard. Today I can confirm that we have no longer block the bootloaders of our terminals."

    The announcement was hailed by many fans of the brand and has received nearly 7,000 responses.

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    Re: No more bootloader locking on Android promised by HTC

    I think it's a measure to stem the flight of power-users to include Samsung, which is oddly the liberal side of this. Root and change the firmware of an SMS for example, is extremely simple. I felt that operators, too, decoded to stop polluting with their additional interface. However it was a good response given to the general public.

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