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Thread: Polaroid GL10 instant mobile printer Available in Stores

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    Polaroid GL10 instant mobile printer Available in Stores

    Polaroid is finally launching its new mobile printer, the "Instant Mobile Printer" called "Polaroid GL10", six months after having presented at CES 2011 and 3 years after launching this concept with the PoGo.

    This mobile printer promises to "marry the convenience of digital imaging contemporary immediacy of Polaroid of yesteryear" . This "GL10" combines to make its autonomy, while boarding a battery allowing 35 runs, and portability, with a weight of 430 grams.

    It offers PictBridge connection but also and above all, a Bluetooth connectivity, to launch a print directly from a camera or mobile phone, wired or wireless.

    If the new "Polaroid Instant Mobile Printer is more cumbersome than the PoGo, it relies on matching the second generation of the printing process without ink Zink, with which the paper is sufficient in itself, this time offering prints honorable dimensions of 4 x 3 inches, 10.2 x 7.6 cm.

    The print quality is naturally poor, but, is it not precisely this aesthetic vintage historically contributes to the charm of Polaroid?

    The "Polaroid Instant Mobile Printer" finally gives tribute to its reputation for expensive product, since the printer is sold at $170 and 30 cartridge sheets for 20 dollars. The printer is available for preorder in the U.S., with delivery scheduled for mid-June.

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    Re: Polaroid GL10 instant mobile printer Available in Stores

    This is not true i guess because the Polaroid has always been a luxury goods, cartridges of the day trader is already in the 100-120 francs for 8 to 10 photos depending on the model. I do not think that the impression that this sort of thing have any charm, certainly the impression will surely be mediocre, nothing like a real polaroid rendering more or less unique to each photo! Anyway this kind of gadget I would say say may or may not have a bright future!

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