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Thread: MeeGo Updated to version 1.2 for Mobile Phones, Tablets, etc

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    MeeGo Updated to version 1.2 for Mobile Phones, Tablets, etc

    The development team has an update of its operating system MeeGo with a new range of tools for developers.

    Born of a partnership between Nokia and Intel, the MeeGo system is recently been updated to version 1.2. This version would provide "a solid foundation for builders and developers" wishing to create applications for different classes of devices on Intel Atom and ARMv7.

    MeeGo 1.2 is based on Linux kernel 2.6.37 and embeds an environment for applications written in QML, a language based on JavaScript for the production of mainly graphical interfaces for mobile devices. Also note the presence of new programming interfaces for Qt-Mobility particular geo-location, access to system components, and connectivity to the various sensors.

    This new version supports GSM, GPRS and HSPA +. Sharing an Internet connection (tethering) can now be done using USB, WiFi or via a private network over Bluetooth. The team implements the protocol RTSP streaming media playback and extended authentication methods for wireless connections and VPN.

    Interested developers can find all the technical information here and a development kit here. The team will continue to release new versions every six months and MeeGo 1.3 is already planned for the month of October.

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    Re: MeeGo Updated to version 1.2 for Mobile Phones, Tablets, etc

    With version 1.1, my netbook (NC10) boots in 20 seconds and goes into standby / restore in 2 or 3 seconds ... a second life! (compared to XP which does not finish boot ...). Apart from the support of my printer, that's good! Versions 1 and 1.1 did not put any character for the password ... such a "? " sufficient to render the machine unbootable?

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