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Thread: Kingmax waterproof 64GB SDXC memory card Introduced

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    Kingmax waterproof 64GB SDXC memory card Introduced

    Kingmax has just added a new memory card SDXC in its catalog. The latter has the distinction of being waterproof and dustproof.

    As for performance, this board certified class 10 and I-UHS (Ultra High Speed) displays fast read and write 65 MB / s and 40 Mb / s, the system incorporates error correction and the ECC Technology CPRM (Content Protection for Recordable Media). The UHS symbol applies onto SDHC and SDXC products only. When paired with a UHS-I device, KINGMAX’s Waterproof SDXC UHS-I and SDHC UHS-I memory cards are designed for recording HD-resolution videos while simultaneously performing other recording functions at speeds never seen before.

    The brand has not declared the price or availability date for this card yet.

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    Re: Kingmax waterproof 64GB SDXC memory card Introduced

    I guess that all SD cards are resistant to water and dust (and much more violent), tests have already been done to demonstrate their strength. What is much bothering me is that byte is a unit of the binary and I do not see why by the international organization x multiple of bytes (GB, TB etc. ...) are made ​​with 10 ^ x and not with 2 ^ x as the so-called Tio Gio etc ... (Go To former standards).
    2TB = 2000GB why would just physically while AC is not?

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    Re: Kingmax waterproof 64GB SDXC memory card Introduced

    Memory card is one of the factor where we can store music ,songs, videos, ringtones, photos, data etc. Now Kingmax introduced one waterproof 64 GB SDXC memory card. It is best because it is waterproof. So it will not damage thru water. It has 64GB capacity so it can store more data in it.
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