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Thread: AMD Catalyst 11.4 Video Driver Download Available

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    AMD Catalyst 11.4 Video Driver Download Available

    Owners of AMD graphics card now have the ability to download and install version 11.4 of Catalyst drivers. Among other performance improvements, they propose some changes to interface an easy management of multiple configuration screens Eyefinity.

    After a pre-release published late March, we can now download the final version of Catalyst drivers 11.4, which incorporates various enhancements lavished by AMD since the beginning of the year, while promising some performance improvements with titles like Call of Duty Black Ops, Aliens vs. Predator, Civilization 5 or Far Cry 2. AMD may advance a gain, range from 5 to 20% depending on the family of GPUs and the number of cards used on the system.

    Side of the interface, it promises easy configuration of monitors via dedicated tab of the Catalyst Control Center, as well as simplified management of groups of screens connected via Eyefinity. Notification of updates is also emerging on the Information tab, so that the user is automatically notified when new stable version of the drivers is released.

    We can find out more about the news via this link and access the download via this page.

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    Re: AMD Catalyst 11.4 Video Driver Download Available

    I think that they do not like newer games? Far Cry 2 is out there almost from last three years. I'm still on 11.1 and it works perfect! I expect a major update. Version 11.4 is called because the drivers were in April (4) 2011 (11). It's the same system as the version of Ubuntu for example. Can anyone tell me if there are still bug in percentage use of GPUs (99%) when viewing a flash video?

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