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Thread: OmniVision OV12825 12.6MP, 1080p60 camera phone sensor Launched

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    OmniVision OV12825 12.6MP, 1080p60 camera phone sensor Launched

    OmniVision launched a new sensor for high-end mobile phone devices. The new "OV12825", with 12.6 million pixels, including gusting to 15 frames per second, shoots in Full HD 1080p up to 60 fps.

    If we have already seen in the past, that the number of pixels was not an argument in favor of image quality, and it's even quite the opposite, contrary to popular belief, the latest OmniVision has more than one string to its bow.

    The design of the sensor and the size of the photosites are however directly responsible for the image quality. The "OV12825" adopts this technology as CMOS backlit, now offering the best sensitivity to light. It also claimed the measurements fit for a traditional compact camera, with a diagonal of 1 / 2, 5 inch, while the sensors of mobile phones are usually even smaller (1 / 3, 2 or 1 / 4 inch).

    It therefore transmits up to 15 fps in full resolution and 60 fps in 1080p to a third processing chip, which it will make the best of a raw signal on 10/12 bit.

    The sensor "OmniVision OV12825" will enter into mass production in the second quarter of 2011. No price has so far been announced.

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    Re: OmniVision OV12825 12.6MP, 1080p60 camera phone sensor Launched

    Another interesting point is that sensor is 1 / 2, 5 inches larger than average sensors fitted to existing smartphones, which can increase the sensitivity and therefore the image quality. Though it remains to be seen what will be the first smartphone to take advantage of this sensor. One can only imagine the next rumors is that there is a possible integration on the iPhone 5, but lets see.

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