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Thread: vBulletin 4.1 - Now Available!

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    Antondb1 Guest

    smile vBulletin 4.1 - Now Available!

    I would like to announce that version 4.1 of vBulletin Publishing Suite and vBulletin Forum is now available. If you have an active vBulletin license, you can download your copy of 4.1 from the vBulletin Members Area

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    Re: vBulletin 4.1 - Now Available!

    Thanks for your update, I will update my vbulletin. But do you have any idea because I have heard that Vbulletin 4.1 is quiet buggy.

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    Re: vBulletin 4.1 - Now Available!

    Here is the feature of new vBulletin 4.1 which you can easily download from the vBulletin site.

    Flexible URL mapping

    This feature allows administrators to locate the CMS in the root of your domain url in a much more simple. They also provide some flexibility as to the url from elsewhere on the forum.
    • Feature Requests: Separating Forum / Blog / CMS / etc.
    • Enhancement requests: Please put CMS in / index.php and FORUMS in / forums / index.php
    • Improvement Request: using blog / forum in subdirectory
    • Bug: broken link in Social User Groups> Group> Picture
    • Bug: Deletion of Picture comments does not work
    • Bug: Blog entry subscription manager does not work
    • Bug: "Manage" links of deleted threads are broken in search results
    • Bug: Blog subscription removal broken (Regression from VB3)
    • Bug: Deprecated blog search code
    • Bug: Obsolete templates
    • Bug: Allow default CMS node to Be The site root
    • Bug: Missing images
    • Bug: agouti count / link not showing on search result group discussion.
    • Bug: Social group displays search results last post bogus info when to group discussions have not
    • Bug: [Blog] Blog Settings
    • Bug: Unnecessary 'Manage' link for template postbit_globalignore
    • Bug: Link to picture on comment moderation picture view is wrong.

    Corrections Update / Install

    Here is a list of bug fixes Updater / Installer:
    • Bug: Incorrect field name in table setting - DefaultValue Not default_value
    • Bug: Bug DURING installation - Duplicate entry 'socnet' for key 1
    • Bug: Hardcoded phrase "Query Status" in / install / includes / class_upgrade_ajax.php
    • Bug: Upgrader: "Query Status" does show Existing procesos
    • Bug: Ugrading from VB 4.0.7: the progress bar stops at 57% and never finish the upgrade
    • Bug: Upgrade button "Begin Upgrade" do not work
    • Bug: Could not find phrase 'attachpathfailed': Upgrade Fails
    • Bug: Database error in vBulletin 4.0.8 PL2 upgrading to 4.1.0
    • Bug: Install - Detect Safe Mode enabled on server and pause for correct info
    • Bug: ssh upgrader clientscript May NOT check folder writeable?
    • Bug: Does not import the tools.php all the template groups
    • Bug: Typo in 4.0.8 upgrade phrase "Profile customization settings"

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    Badymindarisa Guest

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    vBulletin 4.1.2 Available for download

    Now the latest version of the vBulletin 4.1.2 available. I have gone through the official site of the vBulletin where you can download the same. More feature are enhanced with the new version. This version is integrated with the Skimlinks which is a leading technology provider. So if you can then download it from official site and work with the same.

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