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Thread: NVIDIA Release World's First OpenCL 1.0 conformant drivers

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    NVIDIA Release World's First OpenCL 1.0 conformant drivers

    NVIDIA Corporation has released the world's first OpenCL 1.0 conformant drivers for Windows XP and LINUX. These drivers are now available to all NVIDIA GPU Computing registered developers.

    NVIDIA’s OpenCL 1.0 conformant drivers support all GPUs based on the CUDA parallel computing architecture and include:
    • Updates to the OpenCL SDK code samples
    • A new SDK “oclsobelFilter” sample
    • OpenCL compiler and driver binaries
    • OpenCL for compute-capable GPUs documentation
    • Support for Windows XP 32 & 64 and LINUX 32 & 64

    NVIDIA was first to submit its OpenCL 1.0 drivers to the Khronos OpenCL Working Group for certification in May 2009. NVIDIA remains to be the only vendor with hardware and software available for developers to program with OpenCL as well as other leading GPU Computing environments such as DirectX Compute, C with CUDA extensions, Fortran and more.

    To apply to become a GPU Computing registered developer, please visit:

    If you’d like further details about NVIDIA’s ongoing support for OpenCL, please visit:

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    Re: NVIDIA Release World's First OpenCL 1.0 conformant drivers

    Still for Xp ? means no DX10 or DX11. OpenCL running two slow then people needs.

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    Re: NVIDIA Release World's First OpenCL 1.0 conformant drivers

    hello frd;
    i am new for these technologies,i have some related question as follows
    1)with out hardware(GPU) can we write and simulate code for
    2)i have windows xp machine ,i have installed sdk ,but does not show SDK browser,and tell's that nvcuda libraray is not present for cuda and for opencl nv opencl libraray
    3)can u suggest the SDK and other tools name by which i can run simple programs.

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