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Thread: Intel to launch Atom N280 GN40 match chipset can play HD player

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    Intel to launch Atom N280 GN40 match chipset can play HD player

    AMD processor Athlon Neo will match AMD 690E chipset invasion Netbook, Nettop market, for the protection of this vital importance of military strategists, Intel and NVIDIA ION platform did not adopt the recommendations, decided in late February launched a new Atom N280 processor and GN40 match new chipset, a new GMA4000 graphics core, not only significantly enhance the gaming performance, but also support HD high-definition playback.

    It is understood that, Intel plans to launch in late February a new Atom N280 processor, still using 45-nanometer Diamondville core, but the core clock up to 1.66GHz, the front-end convergence Pai was also upgraded to 667MHz, the same built-in 512KB L2 Cache, Support Hyper-Threading technology, capable of supporting two treatment Threading.

    In addition, Intel has also introduced a new chipset GN40 match this Atom N280 processor, GN40-based Intel GM4x IGP chipset design, built-in GMA 4000 graphics core, Intel positioned to match this "Enhanced Media Netbook", in the performance Intel 945GSE than would have greatly improved to meet the 7 ~ 10-inch display and 800 x 400 ~ 1024 x 600 resolution of the needs of 3D gaming and, more importantly, to support the HD high-definition decoding, supporting H.264, VC-1 and MPEG 2 encoding, but the maximum support 720p or 1080p, has yet to be announced.

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    Re: Intel to launch Atom N280 GN40 match chipset can play HD player

    Because Intel GN40 Chipset Intel 945GSE chip and pin, and is incompatible with Intel GN40 after the match, together with Intel N280 processor power consumption, Intel 945GSE by pairing up to 8W of 16.5W, so manufacturers need to GN40 chipset cooling demand for the redesign of products, now that ASUS has been ready at the end of February to early March, the introduction of the use of Intel Atom N280 processor chipset combination GN40 Products Netbook, model is tentatively scheduled for Eee PC 1000HE.

    Intel Atom N280 processor also can match Intel 945GSE chipset, processor power consumption as a result of similar, existing products can be altered in the absence of thermal and electrical design directly to update products, while the old Intel Atom N270 by Intel under the strict rules , will not be able to match Intel GN40 chipset.

    NB It has been pointed out that the industry, Intel Atom 280 processor chipset combination GN40 Price-per-thousand sets of about 60 ~ 65 U.S. dollars, compared with the existing platform priced about 20 U.S. dollars higher, but the features and specifications have substantial changes, will help Intel AMD Athlon Neo match attack 690E platform, no need to use NVIDIA ION platform.

    According to Intel the latest Netbook Specifications, Intel Atom N270, Intel Atom N280 processor match 945GSE, will be in the fourth quarter of 2009 was the next generation Atom processor Pineview match Tiger point to replace the South Bridge, but the combination of Intel Atom N280 processor will be extended to GN40 the first half of 2010.

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