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Thread: The Android smartphones will be soon more popular than the iPhone thanks to China?

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    The Android smartphones will be soon more popular than the iPhone thanks to China?

    The Chinese market is there to boost secretes of Google to promote Android, its mobile operating system? New player in the world of mobile telephony, Google seeks indeed, despite the delay in its development, to quickly promote Android via Open Handset Alliance, a consortium of builders, manufacturers and mobile operators.

    And then Apple has already passed one million copies of its 3G iPhone in a single weekend, Google continues to accumulate delay for deliveries of its first smartphones Android intended to be marketed brands HTC, Motorola, LG and Samsung. The research institute In-Stat also predicted that in the short term, Apple is likely to win the war of sales terminals with 6.2 million iPhone passed by the end of the years against 9.5 million in 2009.

    But forecasts of In-Stat also indicate that they are ... 17.1 million smartphones Android who should find taker in 2009 against only 500 000 units in 2008. The trend is likely to widen further over in 2012 with 3 times more mobile than Android passed iPhone (96.9 million against 33.4 million).

    And it would be possible, especially through the current negotiations between Google and major Chinese mobile operators, the first of them, China Mobile, is a member of the Open Handset Alliance. With 575 million mobile subscribers referenced last March, it is a major market for major global brands of phones. According to In-Stat, a single brand offering open systems, free and open-source have a chance to penetrate this market, limiting the opportunity for Apple and its iPhone to have a successful mass.

    Google, with its system Android derivative GNU / Linux could however be appreciated by the Chinese. Especially with the arrival of the 3G standard in China, TD-SCDMA, Google could an important role in its democratization with the greatest number, Apple providing only one model of smartphone in the world. But the iPhone 3G will not be compatible with the new 3G standard in China.

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    Re: The Android smartphones will be soon more popular than the iPhone thanks to China?

    However, a smartphone is more than just a tool. The iPhone has already taken over some of the key functions. Also, Symbian or Windows Mobile devices move to the next ATM and bring us via podcast. The key advantage of recent smartphone is different. The wide variety and high quality of their catalogs App is the first community of Android and iPhone OS. iPhone OS only runs on iPhone, iPod touch, Android smartphone on a armada of different brands.

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