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Thread: Sony sets PS2-beating targets for PS3

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    Sony sets PS2-beating targets for PS3

    Following the announcement that PlayStation 2 sales have now topped 140 million, King of Sony Kaz Hirai has said he's keen to see PS3 do even better.

    "It's not fun for me replicating the PS2 numbers. I've seen that movie already," he told the Financial Times.

    "I want to try to see if we can exceed the PS2 numbers after nine years, otherwise why are we in this business?"

    As announced at E3 last week, it's taken PS2 nine years to hit the 140 million mark. PSone hasn't done too badly either, with 102 million consoles shifted since 1994.

    It was also at E3 that Microsoft's Don Mattrick declared he'll do all he can to ensure Xbox 360 beats PS3. Contenders, ready!

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    Re: Sony sets PS2-beating targets for PS3

    Today Xbox is much more considered in place of PS3. Even with the graphics-chip sets are different the next-gen competitors. Again, the PS3 is with the Nvidia RSX (550 MHz) slightly ahead of the Xbox 360, the GPU chipset with 500 MHz in its housing installed, ATI has one. Of graphics memory, Microsoft's console 10MB eDRAM (plus system memory), while Sony's "black box" store has over 256 MB GDDR3. Something is lush contrast with 512 MB of system RAM and the Xbox 360 from (PS3: 256 MB).

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