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Thread: Power icon no longer appears in notification area

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    Power icon no longer appears in notification area

    My Acer laptop does not shows the power icon on the system tray. It is having Windows Vista SP1. I had seen the power icon on system tray. It allows me to manage different power properties and now it is not visible. Also when I check the properties I was able to find the icon. But it is completely grayed out. Nothing happens when I double click on the same. Any suggestion how can I fix the issue.

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    It looks the application is grayed out due to missing files. You can try to run some kind of registry fix software which can restore the missing values. But there are less chances it will work. Second option remains is running system restore. It is very effective in this kind of problem. You can run system restore and get back your old working settings.

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    You check the driver cd that you got with the laptop. That driver cd comes with power management utility. This will help you to restore the option that you are looking for. It will advice you to do the same once. Even if you install all the drivers one by one it is not going to cause any problem.

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