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Thread: Cannot play DVD on Vista with Media Player

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    Cannot play DVD on Vista with Media Player

    I have a HP laptop at home running with Vista Home Premium. This lappy is 2 months old and I have a problem with its Windows Media player since start. Whenever I try running any DVD, I get the following error message:

    “Windows Media Player cannot play this DVD because there is a problem with digital copy protection between your DVD drive, decoder, and video card. Try installing an updated driver for your video card.”

    Well I updated the said drivers, even installed K-Lite codec pack but still get the same problem. And it appears even with Windows Media Center. Surprisingly when I try playing the same DVD on same laptop with VLC or PowerDVD it works fine. Then whats the problem with WMP and Media Center?

    Any idea?

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    Re: Cannot play DVD on Vista with Media Player

    I am not expert of this but as far as I know if your video card is not compatible for HDMI, you may get such problems. Also Video card and monitor need to be HDMI compliant or it either will not work or degrade. If this is not theproblem than you are getting prevented with DRM component HDMI

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    Re: Cannot play DVD on Vista with Media Player

    Even I’m using Vista Home Premium and I can play any DVD fine in both Media Player and Media Center. So it is offcourse not the problem of any of these programs or your system. I suspect it could be your graphic card itself. In my case it is Geforce 8800 GT and I don’t have any problem.

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    Re: Cannot play DVD on Vista with Media Player

    Is your laptop having ide internal drive, if yes you need to check about this. i had that same problem and the solution was an usb external dvd wr drive as my computer didnt support the ide internal drive

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