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Thread: Vista Start Button stopped working

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    Vista Start Button stopped working

    The start button of Windows Vista is not working at all. The start button simply freezed and it does not allow me to do anything. I need some help to fix the same. It was working well a few days ago. I had installed some games and that caused the issue. I had checked the system for virus and spyware but still the issue lies the same. I hope there would be proper solution available that can help me to fix the same. Thanks.

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    The start menu freezing on Vista can be due to some internal bug. There can be Theming issue with system also. Try to change your system back to classic mode and see whether it works fine or not.

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    partially works.

    I just start haveing this problem this afternoon. This solution at least gets me a Classic Start Menu....Still can not get the Vista one working.....but Classic will do for now.

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    Start Button doesn't work

    Just bought a new Gateway laptop with Vista Home Premium. (Gateway was purchased by Acer)... and fresh out of the box, the Start button and task bar don't work. On the Start button, a left click does nothing except make it flash for a second, and a right click brings up a very limited menu. The interesting thing is when we looked at the floor model in the store for the very same model - it did the same thing! Both the sales rep and I thought the new one out of the box would be fine... but nope - maybe lightning struck twice? I called Gateway, and they had no solutions except to do a full system restore. No way should that be necessary with a brand new computer, so I'm going to just return the laptop. Has anyone found a solution?

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