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Thread: WordPerfect Office X3 runtime error

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    WordPerfect Office X3 runtime error

    I have recently installed WordPerfect Office X3. I didn't had any problem while installing it but now i am getting runtime error-
    Program: C:\Program files\WordPerfect OfficeX3\Programs\QPW.exe for Quattro Pro X3. I have tried reinstalling Office X3 but no avail. Is there anyone who can help?

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    I am running in to same issue with Quattro Pro X3 after installing WordPerfect Office X3, Don't know whats causing the error to occur. Even i have tried reinstalling whole WordPerfect pack couple of times but that's not making any difference in my case. I have been looking after a fix for this error but i haven't come across any. Need to get Quattro Pro X3 working somehow, so any help regarding this will be appreciated.

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    Well while i was checking out for this issue i found some people facing similar error, some of them have mentioned that they were able to get rid of that error message by making some changes in regedit. I dont know exactly what, i will carry out my search further and will post back the actual workaround as soon as i find it.

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    re: WordPerfect Office X3 runtime error

    BillieJ you were probably right, making changes in registry will help but one will have to make these changes periodically. Anyways below is what you all have to do to get rid of run time error while using Quattro Pro X3:
    1. Go to Start > Programs > Accessories > Run > type "regedit" without quotes and click on OK.
    2. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USERS\Software\Corel\User\Assistant\13\Recent Work\Quattro
    3. Pro\ Right click on "Quattro Pro folder" and delete it.
    4. Now Close the Registry Editor and Launch Quattro Pro again and it should work fine after that.

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    re: WordPerfect Office X3 runtime error

    That's the workaround Ive come across in Corels knowledge base, i was facing same error previously but the above mentioned solution by Lillebror had helped me out. Just try it out and let me know if you have any further query related to this error.

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    re: WordPerfect Office X3 runtime error

    Thank you for the fix. I had decided that X3 would not run on Windows 7, and was about to upgrade to X5, even though I was perfectly happy with what I had. This saved me a considerable amount of money, and I can continue using my files just as they were.


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