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Thread: Vista Installation freezes at Completing Installation stage.

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    Vista Installation freezes at Completing Installation stage.

    I have a 3.4 dual core cpu with 4gb of ram and 1tb of hard drive space and I am trying to install Windows Vista on it without any success from last 2-3 days. I have already opened my machine and checked all the parts incase if there is any kind of fault or upsupported hardware but still nothing seems to be working in my case. Can anyone tell me how to fix this issue?

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    Can you please tell us what is your computer specifications like for example, what motherboard, brand of the hard drive whether it is Sata or PATA are there in your computer, how they are configured? Do you have any video card installed if so then have you updated its driver to the latest? At the time of the Vista installation where does the installation fail?

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    Incase if you have an older motherboard that doesnt support Sata hard drive then you can try to go into the BIOS settings and then try to set AHCI to IDE. After that disconnect all the usb devices or even flash drives that you might have connected on your computer and leave only the items such as keyboard, mouse and monitor plugged into the computer and then try to install Windows Vista on your computer and see if that works.

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