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Thread: Cannot create catalog file in System Image Manager (SIM)

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    Cannot create catalog file in System Image Manager (SIM)

    I am getting an error message whenever I am trying to open a .wim file under System Image Manager that says "there was an error generating a catalog file for image Windows Vista Business". It was working successfully on Windows XP with Service Pack 2 machine but on Vista it is not working at all. The new .wim file is successfully created by me with Image X but I am not able to open it because of the error. Any help would be accepted.

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    RE: Cannot create catalog file in System Image Manager (SIM)

    Can you tell us where you are using the System Image Manager (SIM) on an Administrative user account because it was not working properly under a standard or limiter user account for me as well. Incase if you are an Administrative user and it is still not working for you then try to reburn the ISO file at a slower speed which would lessen the chance of file corruption or you can also try to mount the ISO file with the help of a software called Daemon Tools.

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    RE: Cannot create catalog file in System Image Manager (SIM)

    Windows SIM cannot create catalog files for some Windows images of different architecture types. For information about the support of cross-platform catalog creation, see Windows Image Files and Catalog Files Overview from here -

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