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Thread: Error Code: 0x80070017

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    Error Code: 0x80070017

    Hi, I’ve a desktop running with Windows XP. Since last couple of days I was planning to upgrade this system to Vista RC1 32Bit Edition. So yesterday I downloaded and ran Vista Upgrade Advisor that said I can upgrade to Vista. But today when am trying to install the OS, when the progress bar reaches about 5% installation quits with an error message saying:

    “Windows cannot copy files required for the installation. The files may be corrupt or missing. Make sure all files required for installation are available, and restart the installation. Error code: 0x80070017”

    I restarted computer several times but yet the same problem. I don’t have any idea what can I do to get rid of this computer. Any help will be appreciated.

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    Re: Error Code: 0x80070017

    Such error occurs when installation is unable to get the required files and this could have happened most probably because of the corrupt ISO download OR wrong burning of the DVD.

    So the best solution is to better download Vista ISO again on a PC with good internet connection without pausing it in between. And then burn it on DVD at lower speed.

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    Re: Error Code: 0x80070017

    Hi prash_mate, even I’m facing exactly the same problem. But as you said above, I don’t think burning could be the issue because I burned my dvd at the slowest speed, that is 2.4x. Also the downloaded file seems to be proper because I installed vista one another computer with the same ISO file. Problem is occurring only on my computer.

    BTW, Did you managed to fix your problem settler? If yes, how you did that? Please help.

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    Re: Re: Error Code: 0x80070017

    I think the problem is while downloading itself. I have seen many cases and then reached to this conclusion. As per my personal experience, I faced this problem twice last month. First two times, I downloaded the Vista ISO using download manager, burned them on DVD at the lowest speed but still I was getting installation problems with those error message.

    In the third attempt, I downloaded it with Internet Explorer’s built in download manager, burned it on DVD and installation went fine. So the problem is downloading with third party download manager. Avoid that and hopefully you guys will not be having any problem.

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