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Thread: Vaio lost keyboard shortcuts for volume, brightness, etc

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    Vaio lost keyboard shortcuts for volume, brightness, etc

    I have a Sony Vaio VGN-SZ120P laptop. I had just finished installing Vista on the same. It looks to be working fine, but some keys are not working. The laptop has a volume and brightness button which failed to react after fresh installation. I use it before to change volume and to adjust system brightness. Now it is not working. I am looking for proper drivers which do the job. I had download drivers from the official website that shows it is XP drivers only. Will that work. My camera also stopped working.

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    This is because there are no proper hotkey drivers in your system. And I am doubtful if XP drivers will really work. You must update your system with proper drivers or else those keys does not work. You can test XP drivers, but there are less chances that it will really work.

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    Yes you need the proper keyboard drives. I did the same on my sony laptop and the hotkeys failed to work. I tried XP drivers also but the same did not worked. It is a bit complicated to figure out proper Vista drivers. You can check Windows Update. I hope it will be able to locate right drivers that can turn on the keyboard and webcam. But there are less chances on Vista. You might need to go back on XP.

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