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Thread: Two Program Files folders in Windows Vista x64

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    Two Program Files folders in Windows Vista x64

    I had just installed Windows Vista 64bit on my system. It was installed properly and there were no issues at all. But I found that my C drive has very less space. It is a 40GB partition and I was expecting that Windows might take maximum 10GB. But it almost out of space. When I checked inside I found two Program Files folder. One has (x86) added in the end. Does removing the same is safer. How can I clean up Windows partition.

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    I do not think the issue lies with that folder. You can right click on that and check the size. The folder is created separately to run for 32bit software. I think you had installed Windows Vista x64 over your existing windows without formatting the partition. Due to which there will be a folder created in your system as windows.old. You must remove that. Or the best thing you can do is just run disk cleanup and check again.

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    Check for each folder. 10GB space for Windows is too much. I think it consume maximum 4GB to 6GB. Above that means there are some additional stuff inside your C drive. It can be that windows.old folder. You must open that first and check whether you require any old files or not. If not then, only you must format the system.

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