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Thread: Motherboard fried, new motherboard, disk driver issues, blue screen reboot time

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    Francis Bacon Guest

    Motherboard fried, new motherboard, oh oh disk driver issues, blue screen rebooty time!

    So chaps and ladies, my motherboard went and died on me, it was out of
    warranty and I now have a new motherboard. I have a dual boot XP and Vista
    setup and both of them seem to be barfing quite nicely with the new
    motherboard. I´ve solved the XP issue with a repair install, but the Vista
    repair process does not appear to have the same procedure available, and
    also it will not allow me to perform an "upgrade" over the old

    So, is there anything I can do?

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    Rick Rogers Guest

    Re: Motherboard fried, new motherboard, oh oh disk driver issues, blue screen rebooty time!

    Hi Francis,

    Nope, nothing else you can do when the hardware change is that drastic.
    Vista's installation method differs significantly from XP and previous Win
    versions in that it lays down an image rather than overwrite files. The
    latter bit is why you can do repair installations of XP and earlier. Because
    of this change, the repair installation is no longer available and you'll
    have to lay down a new image. If you have sufficient drive space, you should
    be able to do this without formatting so that you can recover data from the
    old installation, it will be housed in a windows.old file on the root of the

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    Francis Bacon Guest

    Re: Motherboard fried, new motherboard, oh oh disk driver issues, blue screen rebooty time!

    Thankw for the prompt answer Rick. I really wish they had an F8 option that
    did something along the lines of "default installation drivers" to get into
    Windows with a forced hardware detection default type phase. I remember
    loosing many hours with restoring an old Windows 2000 system back years ago
    (in an emergency (of course)) that went from a single to a multiprocessor
    setup and having to replace various files from the recovery console, but it
    did work....

    Not too worry, a clean installation is always a good thing, and then I fear
    I will have my first contact with the License Activation people :) Oh
    joy.... whinge whinge whinge :)

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    Colin Barnhorst Guest
    Vista's "repair install" is called an upgrade-in-place. However, it only
    works if the desktop at least loads. It is done by launching Setup from the
    desktop, choosing Install Now, and doing an upgrade. If the desktop does
    not load then you will need to reinstall.

    To protect your Vista VSS files from deletion by booting into XP follow this

    So all of the best backup strategies in the world will probably be
    useless if a mobo needs to be replaced and the same one can't be

    I guess you just have no clue about backup. People should back up their
    data, not the OS. The OS can be installed on another machine but your data
    can't be recreated if your hard drive dies.

    If the MOBO dies, you can move the HDD to another machine as a slave drive
    to salvage any data if you are STUPID enough NOT to make backups to begin

    I back it all up, doofus. I can restore all of it or any part of it
    at will.

    I can do that now, moron. You have any more useless crap to add?

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    Nonny Guest
    You have no clue about what I know, doofus. My True Image backups can
    be used to fully restore my system, or any part of it - at will.

    Why go to all that bother when True Image will restore any file/
    directory I choose in my backup and will restore it to any place I

    Go back to playing with your Vista-bashing and Ubuntu friends, you
    twit. You fit in well in that group.

    Acronis True Image with universal restore will restore to completely new hardware. You will have to reactivate.

    VISTA WON'T DO REPAIR INSTALLATIONS if the system won't load, and it
    won't load with a totally new motherboard in place.

    Need help with understanding that?

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    fUZzYDiCE Guest

    Motherboard fried, new motherboard, disk driver issues, blue screen reboot time

    i feel your pain francis, i was just upgrading my m/b from an intel
    based chipset to a nVidia based one and Vista won't load. my WinXP on
    the other hard drive that is slaved will tho. go figure. wish there was
    a way to install the chipset drivers while in WinXP to the Vista OS.
    someone should make a program for that, sure would make some money i
    bet. good luck with yours, i'll be joining you in the "fresh install"

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