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Thread: Removing Album Art from Windows Media Player 11

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    Removing Album Art from Windows Media Player 11

    I have a Windows Vista system running with Windows Player v11. There is a problem with my WMP and that is though it downloads the songs information automatically but the info never matches correctly. Hence i want to manually download the same so that my Album Art matches properly for all. To do the same first i deleted all album art (using iTunes and Winamp to confirm) for all of my files, yet when I click on the Library tab, and then Artist (for a list of all the artists grouped alphabetically), some (although VERY few in comparison to how many in total) still have album art, all of which I have no idea where they came from.

    No surprisingly when i try to play the same in iTunes or Winamp, they say there is no Album Art. But still my WMP shows the same. Magic? Furthermore i deleted my entire music from the folder and library, restarted the computer and added back but still the same situation. When i checked the WMP's Advanced Tag Editor it says the files in question have no picture. Yet, when in Artist view, there's the album art.

    I am now annoyed with this. Somebody please help me to get out of this and fix the album art. Thank you.

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    Re: Removing Album Art from Windows Media Player 11

    All my album art are correct, some seem to have no album art but I just leave them like that as long as I can still enjoy the music. Not helpful i know...

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