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Thread: "No Audio Output Device is installed"

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    Paul H Guest

    "No Audio Output Device is installed"

    I did another restart of my Vista to remove constipation, etc. This time I
    have no sound. it says "No Audio Output Device is installed". How do I get
    sound back on my Acer 5610 laptop?

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    Malke Guest

    Re: "No Audio Output Device is installed"

    Install the drivers. Get them from Acer's website for your specific model
    laptop. Install all drivers, including the chipset, as well as any
    laptop-specific software such as for power management.

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    Paul H Guest

    Re: "No Audio Output Device is installed"

    I'll try that. It's very frustrating to have to deal with things
    like this - my XP Pro on my old laptop stays like I leave it. But my Vista
    Home Premium frequently does me little favors like this. Real time wasters.

    Install the drivers. Get them from Acer's website for your specific model
    laptop. Install all drivers, including the chipset, as well as any
    laptop-specific software such as for power management.

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    Christoph Guest
    After doing a RegCure, Reg Defrag and some MS Updates on my new HP
    Laptop I got this same problem. Whatever I tried did not work,
    including going to HP for the audio driver, soooo I just went to the
    Windows driver error selection and let Windows fix the problem on-line.
    It solved everything instantly. Interestingly enough when I was trying
    to fix the problem I noticed in Hardware Devices that the audio drive
    was not to be found and in other inspections it was alive and working

    DO NOT use registry cleaners! See this
    You loaded Vista on a "new Gateway computer"?
    What operating system did it come with??

    I've read many of the posts already discussing this problem and have not
    been able to resolve mine yet! I have a new Gateway computer with speakers
    that came with it...Since loading Vista, I get no sound. Te computer
    recognizes the driver in the device manager and says it is working. But I
    get the No Audio Output device next to the little speaker in the bottom
    righth corner of my screen. I've tried updating the driver but I get a Code
    10 error: device cannot start; could not load driver software... I've tried
    plugging the speakers in other plugs of the tower but have had no luck. I've
    updated my system many times. I've spent hours and hours and cannot figure it out.

    I installed windows 7 and get the message no output Device is installed. What
    do i have to do? Before installed windows 7 i was working with XPHome it
    worked perfectly ( the sound ) What do I do now ?

    no audio output device installed.
    how to I correct this ?

    After following all these steps, sound returns, but after rebooting the no
    audio output device installed err returns.

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    milt Guest
    Sounds like you need to find sound drivers for your sound card. Is it
    on-board sound or a sound card? You need to figure out which and then
    what type it is so you can hunt down drivers for Windows 7. Its
    possible, since Win7 is still in testing, the drivers you need might not
    be available yet.

    Ignore all suggestions about reinstalling audio drivers! U suspect that
    will get you nowhere. Instead try this:

    1. Open your registry editor (regedit from Run prompt). (For your own
    safety, either back up the registry, set a restore point or export the
    key in the next step.)
    2. Drill down to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\
    Control\Class\ {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}
    3. Delete any of the following registry entries if they exist under
    this key:
    4. Reboot the computer.

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    SAlly Guest
    I did the automatic Update that it requests on Vista on my laptop and have
    the problem with the speaker and red cross with alert saying "no audio output
    is installed"
    I do not have external speakers so no unplug/plug in issues there.
    I have been through all of the online automatic checks and come to a dead end
    1) check driver - did online and said it's the most recent version
    2) cannot do 'roll back' driver option to older version so thinking driver
    up to date
    3) checking device is enabled - searched and showed it was 'disabled' so
    clicked to enable - this is all on the recording - sound - of control panel.
    The 'playback' tab shows no audio device installed and the buttons at bottom
    (configure, set default, properties) are blanked out (i.e. cannot click)
    At every stage I have restarted and at a dead end.

    If anyone can help; I'd be much applied (sorry that I have clicked reply to
    this post; I am IT challenged and in need of assistance!)

    Sound problems cause by several reasons and every problem may have a
    different solution. Once when I had similar sound problem I had found a
    suggestion that worked for me. There
    are several suggestions given depending on different causes. So I would
    like to suggest to check the said website and read all the suggestions
    carefully. Maybe they have a suggestion that work for you too...

    When I read this thread, I followed the advice yet to no avail. The reason I
    had no success was because even though I had downloaded and re-installed the
    driver, the driver was not what was missing. The device was missing - the
    speakers themselves were gone. So I had to re-install the speaker hardware,
    enable it and then once I did that , the driver had something to run from.
    After start after re-start, it worked liked a charm but getting to that
    realisation was frustrating.

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    Ahmed Dopolos Guest

    No Audio Output Device is installed

    1. Right click the sound icon in the tray at the bottom right hand side of the computer.
    2. Select playback devices
    3. Select "No audio output devices installed"then right click it
    4. Click "Show disabled devices"
    5. Click "Properties"
    6. Click "enable"

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