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Thread: Live Messenger & built in webcam

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    Barbwire Guest

    Live Messenger & built in webcam

    When I use Windows Live Messenger & want to do a video call, it will say
    webcam blocked being used by another application. If I reboot I can get the
    webcam to work. What other program is using the webcam? Can I disable it so
    the webcam works all the time on video calls on Live Messenger?

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    Magnadel Guest
    I had this problem and had to go into device manager and delete the web cam
    from there then when i rebooted it reinstalled and i didnt have a problem
    after that

    This is the built in webcam that is in my Toshiba so not sure ifdelete &
    reinstall is possible or would work.

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    Terry R. Guest

    Re: Live Messenger & built in webcam

    There might be some software installed specifically for the webcam that
    is causing the issue. Check the manual on how the camera works on it's
    own and see if you can disable the app temporarily to test. Download
    Autoruns and uncheck the app that is loading for the camera.

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    Magnadel Guest

    Re: Live Messenger & built in webcam

    Hey, just to let ya know mine is a built in web cam as well i have an
    entertainment laptop brought out by HP. When you delete and reboot it finds
    that it is there with no software so it finds the software automatically
    within your computer again. Worked perfect for me that all I know

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    Aug 2009

    Re: Live Messenger & built in webcam

    you can always try going back to an older version of Windows Live Messenger it may just be a glitch in the program that they have yet to work out.

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