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Thread: Aero, Color Scheme gone...

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    liz11 Guest

    Aero, Color Scheme gone...


    Ive been going through most of the threads trying to do what they say but
    still i cant seem to fix my problem. Im unable to use aero and suddenly i
    opened my laptop and a lil bubble came up saying that the colour scheme i had
    it now turned back to the way it was. What is the most effective way to fix
    these problems? I beg for help, im not much into this computer stuff so i
    could need all the help i can get.

    Thanks so much..

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    Mark L. Ferguson Guest

    Re: Aero, Color Scheme gone...

    Vista does that automatically if your system is not able to handle Aero,
    while doing the tasks you ask of it. The way to stop it is to buy more RAM,
    or perhaps a machine with a better processor.

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    Chirag Guest

    Re: Aero, Color Scheme gone...

    If Aero was running and it stopped running mid-way, then its most probably
    because there is some application that you are running that is not
    compatible with Aero. Vista disables Aero temporarily until the application
    closes. What all applications do you normally run?

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    liz11 Guest

    Re: Aero, Color Scheme gone...

    Just the usual. Msn, itunes, media player divx and i think thats it.. but it
    was working just fine and i woke up this morning and everything was gone :(

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