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Thread: TV Tuner does not work with Media Center PC

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    TV Tuner does not work with Media Center PC

    I have a new HTPC setup. But there is some issue that lies with the TV Tuner card. The system is HP A6357C. It has Windows Vista Home Premium installed. Along with this I have ViXS Pure TV-U 48B0 card. When I connect my TV to the card there is no signal on the screen. Nothing is working out on the Media Center. When I try to open LiveTV I receive error saying that the card is not working. I had tried to find solutions but some of them are out of my mind. I had contacted HP and they had told me to do number of things already which did not helped much.

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    I have a similar desktop with me. The card is same. I think we both has the same model. There is some bug with the TV tuner card inside that. The card does not work with Windows Media Center. I am also getting now signal. I had checked the system which shows up no error. The card looks installed. My friend has laptop with similar stuff. When he connects the TV to card it works fine. There is signal and fm also works. I am not able to figure out why this thing is happening. Is there any appropriate solution. I am going to re-install the card back again. I hope that will work. Try to update the drivers once.

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    Same issue ViXS PureTV-U 48B0

    I bought an HP M8330F yesterday, and after not getting the TV tuner to function, brought it back, got another one! Same issue.

    After going through all the usual download all updates, etc, and using the PC doctor which comes with this PC, I cannot get the Windows Media Center to function for LIVE TV. The card passes the tests in PC Doctor and I can see at least part of a TV broadcast during that test.

    There is a driver issue with the ViXS PureTV-U 48B0 that appears to be plagueing HP and Gateway. I bought this HP to quickly replace the Aging Kids PC, and of course I should have just built on from scratch. At least I could have chosen parts that individually are known to function.

    HP's site has a Spring 2008 driver (same one that came with the PC) and reinstalling that driver did not help.

    The Driver Detective lists a newer version driver for Gateway PCs but you have to pay to get that driver without any recourse if its the WRONG driver!

    At this point I gave up on the TV tuner (it was not something I was looking for, just Circuit City was out of the lesser model without the TV tuner) but it just frosts me to no end that HP would put out a product that they must know DOES NOT WORK.

    I will be following this thread just to see if a solution comes out (hopefully before TV is obsolete and this PC has also reached it's end of life).


    PS Hp used to be my favorate computer company, still have a functioning HP 41C and even older HP 25 c calculator - great devices, built to last. The newer HP products have nice "SPECS" but don't run as "FAST" as similar spec'd PC's, because like Gateway, they use what ever parts are CHEAPER that day to build them. Oh well, you get what you pay for....I think the HP 41C cost as much as this PC cost back when I bought it with all the peripherals. Too bad I cannot surf the web on my good old HP 41C....LOL

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    re: TV Tuner does not work with Media Center PC

    I would just like to share what solved my problem.

    I have an HP Pavilion m8330f also with a VixS PureTV-U 48B0 tv tuner card running Windows Vista Home Premium. I have been using the Media Center with my Comcast analog cable and FM radio with no problems. Recently, Windows crashed and I had to use the HP Recovery Manager and turn back to factory default settings.

    Did some Windows Updates after that and Hardware driver updates as necessary.

    When I was done, I tried opening WMC and configure the TV signal. It does not say, "TV Tuner not found," but it just says that the TV signal cannot be detected. HP Hardware Diagnostics by PC Doctor detected the tuner with no problems. I tried almost every solution I can find on the internet: changing my codecs, uninstalling software with supposed conflicts with WMC, changing WMC receiver service settings, reseated the TV tuner, etc.

    All to no avail.

    The last solution I can think of is to transfer the TV Tuner to another PCI slot. And I did. Now WMC can configure the tuner properly. Problem is, the TV tuner now sits so close to the video card that it hinders the cooling fan airflow. I tried putting it back to the old PCI slot, but it just doesn't work. Must be a PCI problem. I guess I have to cross my fingers putting it on that other PCI slot.

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    re: TV Tuner does not work with Media Center PC

    My system HP Elite M9000t with Vista and Vixs Pure TV-U 48BO tuner with pvr. For the longest time would not work with Window Media Center, it did when I first purchased PC. It was receiving error no tuner found or no video files found check with manufacturer. Determine to get it to work. Found out this. With Windows Vista updater it changed "running services" to network. To correct go to Administrative Tools -- Services, scroll down to Windows Media Center Receiver Services set to auto load, Local network. Go down to WMC Scheduler set to manual, and Local network. Go down to WMC Service Launcher set to manual, and Local network. Check Device Manager to make sure card is recognized with latest drivers ver. Run WMC TV setup and if all is well it should work.

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