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Thread: Ricoh MMC Host Controller

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    Mark K Guest

    Ricoh MMC Host Controller

    My Problem Reports and Solutions section in the Control Panel advises I need
    to download and install the driver for Ricoh MMC Host Controller via windows
    update. When I do the update and my Dell Inspiron 1420 restarts, it starts
    up in repair mode. Start Up repair is unable to fix the problem so it does a
    System Restore to roll back to the point before I updated the driver. I have
    Vista Home Premium 32 bit. Why does the Vista program tell me to update a
    driver that it doesn't like and therefore rolls back to a point before I
    undated the driver?

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    cwrb Guest

    Re: Ricoh MMC Host Controller

    Did anyone help you with this item?
    I am also now being asked to install the Ricoh MMC Host Controller and
    I have no idea if i need it.
    It also wants to install Ricoh Company driver update for Ricoh Memory
    Stick Host Controller and Ricoh Company dtriver update for Ricoh
    xD-Picture Card Controller.

    I havre no knowledge of Ricoh products on my new laptop.

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    Malke Guest

    Re: Ricoh MMC Host Controller

    Next time please make a new post instead of interjecting your problem into
    someone else's thread and include all pertinent details.

    How to Post: - How to Ask a Question

    I don't know why you're being asked to install the Ricoh drivers, but they
    are for your built-in SD card slot(s). Get the drivers from the laptop
    mftr.'s website for your specific model machine.

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