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Thread: XP PowerToy

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    atyl7u Guest

    XP PowerToy

    I installed some new Visualizations for Windows Media Player, one of which
    is something called "Microsoft Winter Fun Pack 2004". However, even though
    the link for this add-on was on the M/S Vista page, when it tried to install
    it came up with a message that it needed Windows XP or greater to operate.
    Seeing as I have Vista (I thought it was 'greater' than XP), I'm wondering
    a) why I can't install it and b) why I'm getting a message everytime I login
    prompting "This app requires Windows XP or greater to operate. Please visit for upgrade details".

    I've also tried to uninstall it, but keep getting an error "Error 1713.
    Microsoft Winter Fun Pack 2004 for Windows XP cannot install one of its
    required products. Contact your technical support group". My user Account
    that I login with is an Administrator account. Any help would be much

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    John Inzer Guest

    Re: XP PowerToy

    Might be worth a try to do a System Restore
    to a time before you installed the Fun Pack.

    Using Windows Vista
    System Restore

    Windows Vista -
    System Restore:
    frequently asked questions

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    Mike Hall - MVP Guest
    You have been given advice re recovering from the error.

    The name of the visualization should have warned you. The year is 2004, and
    the visualization is not compatible with Vista's WMP year 2007/8

    Can he run it in compatibility mode?

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    MICHAEL Guest

    Re: XP PowerToy


    Unless he knows how to extract the contents
    of the installer, then there is a setup file he could
    run in compatibility mode. Or, he could find the
    temp file where the contents are extracted to.

    He could also edit the installer with Orca and
    probably get it to install.

    But, he might just mess more things up.

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    Jan 2008
    There has to be a solution to this. I am suffering from the same thing.

    A solution to uninstalling the 2004 Fun Pack. The subject of the original post.

    This is an extremely silly and ridiculous problem that Microsoft should fix. hate that the installer attempts to install the software every time I reboot. Insane. At the very least it should be uninstall-ready.

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    Rick Rogers Guest
    A solution to what? You responded to an old thread without including the
    original text. Many filter out old posts so their newsreaders aren't bogged
    down, so won't have any idea of what you are asking for.

    As a note, to my knowledge, the XP power toys are not going to be updated to
    work in Vista.

    Try doing a system restore to a time
    before you installed the fun pack.

    Windows Vista -
    System Restore:
    frequently asked questions

    Windows Vista -
    How to Do a System Restore in Vista

    Using Windows Vista
    System Restore

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    Dec 2008

    Re: XP PowerToy

    I know that this is old, but I am having the same problem. Did you get a solution?

    Yes, the 2004 should have given it away...but i really wan't looking at that.

    I stupidly downloaded the Winter Fun Pack 2004, I have Vista 64. I went to "uninstall" and I can't, it gives me the error message:

    Error 1713 Can't install one of the required programs. Contact your technical administrator.

    But I am the admin - and it is installed!

    Please help!

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    Join Date
    May 2009

    Re: XP PowerToy Vista removal

    As of Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack 1 there is no uninstallation problem message when uninstalling the Windows XP Winter Edition Fun Pack. (I uninstalled it without error messages.)

    - Still looking for an upgrade. (Windows Vista could use a power shutdown program to backup files in the event of a low battery condition - especially when you want to look to a different spot for saved files that were interrupted by a computer shutdown - keeping you from saving your work in progress over work you want to keep separate.)

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    Sep 2009
    This problem with the winter edition fun pack 2004 must be more commom than expected because the same
    has happen to me! I have windows vista 64 service pack 2. I would like to know can I go back to SP-1 and uninstall
    the winter edition fun pack 2004 program and go back to SP-2 afterwards? I'm pretty knew to computer's so please bare with me.
    Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    Robin thanks very much for your help! I didn't clarify that I wasn't having the problem of the message coming up doing start up! I'm annoyed that I can't get rid of the winter fun pack 2004! I have windows vista 64-SP2. If you can help me with uninstalling this program your help will be greatfully appreciated!
    Thank You!
    P.S I only get the error 1713 when I try to uninstall it!

    Do you have a link to uninstaller 5? Do I have to purchase it or it's freeware?
    Thanks for the info! And thats to everyone who took the time to answer!!!!!

    Can anyone out in computer land tell me how I can delete this program from my add and remove or were you go to uninstall programs on vista! I have stop the program from working it's just annoying to see it there knowing I can't remove it! Thanks Again! for your help in this matter!
    P.S The program name is microsoft winter fun pack 2004 for windows XP. I realize everyone might not see all of the previous information

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    Sep 2009

    Re: XP PowerToy

    I haven't figured out a way to uninstall the program with SP2, but you can disable the program from coming up at startup, and the error message about running Windows XP or greater won't come up anymore. Windows Defender won't allow you to remove it from startup, but there is another way.

    Press your Windows key and the "R" button at the same time. A small box will come up.

    Type MSCONFIG.EXE and press "Enter." You'll need to give permission to continue.

    When the System Configuration box comes up, go to the "Startup" tab, find the "Winter Fun..." program, and uncheck it. Click "Apply," and the computer will prompt you to restart. When you do, the annoying XP Power Toy error window will no longer come up.

    Hope this helps.

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    Oct 2009
    Hey everyone I had the same problem but this is what i did and it seemed to work.

    1. My Computer
    2. Local Disk C
    3. Program Files (x86)
    4. Drag Windows Fun Pack to Desktop (Or it wont let you delete it from that location)
    5. Drag to Recycle Bin.
    6. Restart PC and Hopefully it Works

    (Sorry if this doesn't Work)

    Actually I found a better solution

    this program will search for programs that you've installed that your regular pc Program uninstall will not show.

    Then Uninstall!!!!! WORKS LIKE A CHARM

    takes less then 5 minutes

    Sorry I don't have the link that I got it from but just Google it and you should get many results. Its freeware. you can uninstall it right after in case you dont want it.

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    Dave-UK Guest

    Re: XP PowerToy

    Use CrapCleaner:

    Tools > Uninstall > select unwanted entry > click on 'Delete entry'.

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    Sep 2009

    Re: XP PowerToy

    Thanks Dave-UK! But the CCleaner said it could not delete the installer!

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    Dave-UK Guest

    Re: XP PowerToy

    "thataboy85" <> wrote in message
    > Thanks Dave-UK! But the CCleaner said it could not delete the installer!

    I've tried to follow this thread in the forum you are posting to but some posts
    are obviously missing so it's difficult to decipher what your exact problem is.
    From one of your earlier posts I thought you had got rid of a program but
    the entry in the Add and Remove Programs was still there and you wanted
    to remove it from there.

    Are you saying this program (Fun Pack 2004) is still installed and won't uninstall?

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    Sep 2009

    Re: XP PowerToy

    Yes Dave-UK I can't get rid of this program it won't uninstall, I think because I'm running vista and the program is xp that's what got me into this trouble!
    Some other people had the same problem for some reason the program made
    you to believe it would run on vista but that's not the case! Sorry if I missed something I'm in a hurry! Wanted to get this to you! You would get I believe
    a error 1713 cant install one of the required programs contact your technical

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